Use “Deplorable,” and I’ll Take You Literally

Two months ago, I vented about Matt Drudge using the term, “the deplorables,” the way others might use a term like “auto repairmen,” or “left-handed people.” I wondered if there was any shame any longer in society, as people mocked others by claiming the term, “deplorable,” as if being called a “deplorable” was similar being called a Yankees fan by a Mets fan.

Two months later, my position hasn’t changed. Even if someone purports not to be insulted to be called a “deplorable,” they should be. I can’t imagine any society I’d want to live in deciding that misogyny, racism, homophobia, or xenophobia are OK after all. If you claim you aren’t any of those things, why are you claiming the title, “deplorable”? It’s not like claiming to be a “dumb blonde” when you’re merely blonde and can show you’re not dumb. It’s not like you’re claiming Hansen’s Disease has an undeserved reputation and that you’ll call yourself a leper in solidarity with your friends with Hansen’s Disease.

So, yes, when someone tries to mock liberals by using “despicable” as a self-descriptior, I won’t feel mocked; I’ll feel warned. That person just gave away the benefit of the doubt. They may know my brother from military service, either past or current, but I no longer regard them as honorable, regardless of their classification at discharge, if any.


2 thoughts on “Use “Deplorable,” and I’ll Take You Literally

  1. onereasonableperson

    I disagree.

    The left has defined terms like deplorable and racist as “things you call someone who disagrees with the progressive agenda.”

    Do you disagree with any part of the progressive agenda? If so, you’re deplorable. Period.

    Thus, I’m deplorable and proud of it!

    1. dplaflamme Post author

      You can claim “the left” has redefined terms, but I don’t see it.

      If you want to argue that the left now includes as racism acts and policies that primarily or disproportionately hurt races other than America’s dominant Caucasian race, I’ll accept that point but disagree about whether those acts and policies are racist or not.

      I’m sure it’s possible to disagree about, for example, how high or low the minimum wage should be without being deplorable as used by HRC. Perhaps if you gave a concrete example, there might be a worthwhile discussion here.


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