Pop Philosophies (L, L, & L)

I saw a tweet this morning showing disdain for the phrase, “Live, Love, Laugh.” That struck me as wrong. The disdain, not the phrase, that is.

Which of those wouldn’t you advise?

Everyone advises everyone else to live, and I’m not going to get harsh on that.We might disagree on what the admonition here is, but it’s a common enough admonition.

Similarly, isn’t loving someone or something a goal, perhaps even many people and many things? The Greeks cited four types of love (eros, philia, storge, and agape, although my high school religion class seems to have conflated storge with one of the others), so it’s not like the asexual can’t love in another way, for example. You have to be fairly dead in the soul to reject all four types of loving.

Is “laugh” the weak link in the chain? I suppose if you’ve been bullied a lot, you might associate laughter with being mocked, with being laughed at. That’s not what the phrase is saying; it’s saying “laugh,” in general. Find something that makes you express explosive joy. It’s not “laugh constantly,” to the exclusion of other moods; it’s just “laugh.” Laugh when you can. Laugh when it’s appropriate. Don’t be a sourpuss (says the sourpuss).

Now, if you want me to mock your pop philosophy, tell me not to worry, tell me to let go of my worries, tell me to throw my worries away. Then I’ll get in your face and explain the merits of appropriate worrying.

But until then, sure, live, laugh, and love.


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