Wisconsin State Legislative Hypocrisy

The Wisconsin state legislature is one of those bodies that loves it when Washington defers decisions to states. They didn’t want to be forced into expanding affordable medical care, so they opted out of federal medical insurance subsidies for the nearly poor. They would have been in favor of dumping the Common Core education standards in favor of local standards instead of making sure businesses throughout the country would know what a high school degree from Wisconsin meant. They’re not the only state to feel this way, but the Kochian State of Wisconsin is certainly currently one of the more vocal advocates for telling Washington to mind its own business.

That makes this article, then, doubly interesting. The state legislature is denying its municipalities and counties the option to become sanctuary cities and to issue local photo IDs. Both of these measures, of course, are aimed squarely at illegal immigrants. Not the terrorist ISIL types; no, these are aimed at the illegal economic refugees from Latin America who are our restaurant bussers, our home cleaners, and our other menial laborers.

The Wisconsin state assembly doesn’t want “local” control; they want state-level, Koch-endorsed control.

I’m fairly sure these legislators are completely unaware of the irony of their actions.

I’m not. And I’m as angry as I always am with the Kochian State of Wisconsin.


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