The Problem With Some Pixar Movies

I love most Pixar films. Most of them have a sense of whimsy that’s about two left turns from the world we’re used to seeing.

  • It turns out toys aren’t inanimate; we just don’t see them moving and talking — until now!
  • There really are monsters in your closet and under your bed — and they’re scaring you for a reason!
  • Imagine you’re the last robot on Earth — until a probe from one of the last spaceships full of humans contacts you.
  • Imagine if the superheroes were bound by law from using their powers, even for good!

A couple of Pixar plots, though, seem to take a different premise.

  • Motor vehicles are just like people, instead of being things built and used by people. So, they race without us, and get philosophical about their lot in life as dictated by their designers.
  • What if humans and dinosaurs co-existed after all? Maybe not like religiously fundamentalists believe, but some other way?

Those aren’t two two left turns from our reality; that’s a “bear right, and don’t look back,” deviation. If some subcompact is sad that he’s too small to run with muscle cars, tough. He is what he is. Similarly, I can’t imagine how The Good Dinosaur is going to pull of its premise, and I don’t really care. Time lines have to be compressed too much, too painfully.

I know Cars was a successful franchise, and I’m sure Disney will make a few oceans’ full of money off The Good Dinosaur marketing, too. I just don’t care.


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