The Higher You Climb, the Farther You Have to Fall

I wonder if the Duggar family are public-enough figures that someone could do a series of features about the controversies that surround that family and elements of their religious views?

Some of the recent writings about the Duggars in light of the child molestation allegations point out that Nineteen Kids and Counting downplays their homophobic politics and their positions on women in society. I could see features about women raised in the Quiverfull movement, the “Christian patriarchy” movement, the Sammons Financial Freedom Seminar Jim Bob has endorsed, and other issues that are tangential to the family itself.

Since Josh Duggar hasn’t actually been convicted of child molestation, it might be slanderous to say that it’s hypocritical of him to accuse homosexuals of being likely to molest children when he himself is a child molester. The strongest legal statement might be that it’s allegedly hypocritical, because he’s an alleged child molester himself.

I’m mildly amused to see defenses of Josh Duggar that start with, “How come the lefties are upset about Josh Duggar’s alleged child molestation but give a free pass to so-and-so’s casual references to something allegedly similar?” For one thing, none of those other people are accusing broad swaths of society, such as homosexuals, of having a proclivity to the perversion of child molestation. Never mind that criminal statistics don’t bear those accusations out, that most molesters are family members or friends of the family. That a man who’s apparently guilty of that sin and crime would state that others might be guilty of that and thus should not be tolerated in society is the height of hypocrisy, and that is one of the elements that so enrages some of us.

The Duggars, like the Kardashians, are now famous for being famous. Their home was completed and outfitted with gifts and donations due to their fame. Are other Quiverfull families in worse financial situations because of their choices to multiply so recklessly? Are there women raised in such families who have left the “movement” (because we can’t call it a “cult;” that would be impolite!) and might now speak of the dignity they gained only after leaving the “Christian patriarchy” movement? What would a review of Jim Bob’s failed political campaigns show?

They’ve had their fifteen minutes of fame; now it’s time for their fifteen minutes in the harsh light of inquiry. Let’s look behind the facades and see what we can prove to be there or behind similar facades.


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