Obligatory Racism/NBA Post

Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated thinks the NBA should void Chris Paul’s contract with the LA Clippers, signed last summer, as punishment to Donald Sterling Tokowitz for being Donald Sterling Tokowitz, racist and extraordinary cheapskate. The logic is that the Clippers were handed Paul on a silver platter a couple of years ago when Paul wanted out of New Orleans (and the NBA owned the then-Hornets), and taking Paul away from the Clippers or making the Clippers woo Paul would stay would make Sterling Tokowitz live with his own reputation.

I’ll take that one step further: give everyone under contract with the Clippers an option to leave the Clippers within a one-month window. If they want to stay, their contact is enforced with the team, as much as a contract can be enforced with a pro team. If they want out, they are out. If you want, set it up so everyone has to decide without knowing what anyone else is doing for sure. Make it about whether they want to work for Donald Sterling Tokowitz. I include the non-playing staff, such as the General Manager and the head coach.

Sure, Sterling Tokowitz would still be an NBA owner. He’d just own a shell of a franchise with no potential and a cratered fan-base. He’d still get the huge cash flow that any franchise gets from TV rights, and that might be enough for a “businessman” like Sterling Tokowitz, but everyone else would be free to go.


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