What Was Lost is Now Found

Do you remember the tale of the lost check? My wife deposited it using the wrong ATM card, so the bank rejected it because I wasn’t a signatory on the account the check landed in.

I was told the check would be mailed back to me. Then I was told that it wouldn’t be the check; it’d be a copy of the check that I could use as if it was the check. Today, I was told that FedEx delivered it to my home on December 10, the day after the bank found the mistake and reversed the deposit.

The copy of the check was delivered to my wife, not to me. It was with a letter to her explaining that the deposit had been reversed.

A check that had been rejected on the grounds that it might be stolen was sent back to the possible thief, not the alleged victim.


Two weeks later, details are foggy. Was the FedEx package addressed to me or her? We have the letter that was in the package, addressed to her. There was no letter to me suggesting that I deposit this “legal copy” of the check. But if someone had told me on December 12 or 13 that FedEx had delivered the missing check on December 10, we’d have put this together much, much faster.

It’s bad enough that they claimed they were only following procedure; they didn’t even follow it correctly.


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