Taxes: Say, “Thank You,” Instead of Whining

When a highway bridge collapses, does anyone say, “Thank God we’re not spending tax dollars on infrastructure upkeep!”

Do people look at schools that are short on supplies or aging badly in their building and wonder how many more dollars they can squeeze out of those education budgets?

Did you hear the one about the Tea Party congressman complaining that he only makes $175,000 a year? Do you think he’s going to advocate cutting the Congressional payroll?

Remind me, who says we’re spending too much on our defense budget? People might argue against the Iraqi debacle, the Afghan quagmire, the Libyan intervention, or the possible Syrian attack, but no one says we should reduce the funds for those troops in harm’s way.

I can’t say no one wants to cut the food stamps programs. Some Republicans are trying to do just that right now. At least one has said that anyone who’s able bodied and on food stamps just hasn’t tried hard enough to find a job.

Farm subsidies? No, Congress passed on cutting those.

We’re running budget deficits. We have a huge national debt, at least partly because of twelve years of a wars nominally against “terror.” I don’t really think we’re about to see a surge in capital gains revenues like we had the last time we had balanced budgets, at least partly because we’ve gutted the capital gains tax rates since then.

Are you still trying to tell me that America’s problem is that we’re spending too much or that our taxes are too high?

I don’t buy it. Taxes are too low, and as a result, we aren’t taking care of basic necessities.

If raising taxes would lower your standard of living, instead of griping about that, maybe you should be thankful for the years of the Bush tax cuts for a higher standard of living than we as a country can afford.


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