The Marvel of the Beatles

In nine years, the Beatles made 12 studio albums (based on British releases; counts varied in other countries).

It took U2 almost thirty years to get to their twelfth studio album. 

That U2 count includes Zooropa, an album so bad I still haven’t listened to its follow-up, Pop.

This isn’t to bash U2; this is to praise the Beatles. Was it 20 #1 hits in those nine years? Was it that few? Nor was it twelve albums in similar styles; you can see how they got from Please Please Me to Let It Be, but there are some fairly sharp changes in their course and style along the way.

No other artist or group has been so prolific in such a short period. Pick any group from the Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, or this century; they all released albums at much slower, more deliberate paces, and often lost something along the way.

Dire Straits? Fleetwood Mac? The Eagles? Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers start to have a vaguely similar volume of work, but they never had the heights of fame and sales figures. Some of the heavy metal bands have been long lived, but in a niche a lot of pop culture doesn’t see.


3 thoughts on “The Marvel of the Beatles

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